Unshakable Decision Making

Image by Ron Rev Fenomeno on Pixabay

Energetically, the moment you fully commit to a decision, you become highly magnetic for everything you need to make that thing happen.

Next, you must take action.

You need to turn that magnetised energy into a physical form — you literally need to make it matter.

But when you waver — you doubt or question yourself — your energy becomes repellent rather than magnetising & your vision gets harder to manifest.

This feeds your insecurities & you start to question, “I am doing the right thing?”, “What if I’ve got it wrong?”

A vicious cycle ensues of doubt repelling your dream feeding more doubt.

Eventually, you compromise what you really want or give up completely.

It’s time to fully commit. To get unshakable & go all in.

There’s no room for doubt or questioning. You have to stand by your decisions & have your back on this — no matter what.

Stay focussed, take action & believe in yourself all the way!

This is actually how I attracted my dream partner.

I was super clear on what I was looking for & I knew with complete certainty that I was worthy of such magnificence.

I committed & went 100% in!

I set a deadline & never doubted for a second that it would happen.

I was actually so committed that I even manifested him 6 weeks before my deadline! And he is absolutely everything I’ve ever wanted & more!

The trick is to stay certain, focussed & not to waver.

You have to keep those wobbles at bay.

Your shadow will try to tell you that you’re aiming too high, that you’re never going to achieve this dream, that you’re wasting your time, & it’s all going to end in failure so better to quit now.

Do. Not. Listen!

This is where you need to step up & do your personal work.

Enlist the support of someone who can keep you on track. A coach or mentor is ideal.

Someone who can help you decipher a genuine concern from a wobble. A shadow from reality.

Someone who can help you stay unshakable AF.

Embrace your power, command your reality & go make those dreams happen!