The Healing Entrepreneur’s Business Trap

You’ve spent years learning to self regulate, soothe & support your inner world so that you can live from greater ease & flow.

Trouble is, every time you get inspired to grow your business, the ideas flood in & then good ol’ overwhelm quickly follows to shut you down.

So, you ease off, create more space & try to make progress slowly.

But, the truth is, it’s frustrating as f*ck.

You’re torn between wanting to elevate your business & tap into the abundance you know is available, whilst also taking care of your delicate nervous system.

If you could just get your business to a sustainable bracket of income, then you actually COULD have all the downtime, rest & play your body wants!

It’s a catch 22.

So, what’s the solution…?

It’s time to shed your next skin.

You’ve conditioned yourself to take such good care of your nervous system that it no longer knows how to handle stress.

The exact process that helped you heal & get to where you are, is now the precise thing that is also holding you back.

Its time to build resilience.

It’s time to know you’ve got your own back — no matter what.

& it’s time to grow beyond your comfort zone.

I’m not advocating any crash & burn — no, no, no, that would just take you back to dysregulation.

I’m talking about a powerful mindset shift that will support you to embody the innate power you feel deep inside & enable you to finally leave behind your relationship with overwhelm.

Imperial Master is an 8 week mastermind designed specifically for people who’ve done a sh*t ton of healing & are ready to take their business to the next level.

You’ll eradicate the limiting beliefs that have kept you cycling back to a slower pace & teach you how to build, lasting, solid resilience in your nervous system, so that you can powerfully move forward.

This bespoke programme is limited to just 3 sovereign beings & only 2 places remain.

Message me if you’re ready to break out of fear, anxiety & self doubt, so you can finally call in the abundance you’ve been longing for.

Stop Getting Triggered, Feel Secure & Finally Master Healthy, Lasting, Conscious Relationships.