Image by Trevor M on Pixabay

You’re not attracting the relationship / job / home / income / life you want because your shadow is keeping you small.

It whispers…

“Your ideal partner doesn’t really exist”

“You’re not good enough for that promotion”

“You’ll never earn enough for the lifestyle you want”

“It’s better to stay single so you don’t get hurt”

“Don’t aim too high because you’ll only fail”

And it causes you to…

- freeze in the exact moment you needed to speak

- place all the responsibility on your partner to prove they’ll show up [meanwhile you withdrew rather than showing up in love — like you expected them to]

- delay because you didn’t trust yourself to make the important decisions

- alter or withhold things you wanted to say to avoid upsetting people

- not push for the true value of your offering so you didn’t upset potential clients

- fear rejection or being told off if you get it wrong

Each time this happens, you energetically repel your heart’s desire & loop in the cycle of disappointment once again.

It’s time to know with certainty that you’re worthy of royalty.

It’s time to trust yourself implicitly & make decisions with grace.

It’s time to take responsibility for making your dreams come true, upgrade your energy & remember that you’re a divine being with the power of the universe directly at your finger tips.

Every action you take is magic & every word you speak is command.

Make a change today. Switch…

Self abandonment to self loyalty.

Self questioning to self trust

Self doubt to self belief.

Self sabotage to self mastery.

And finally discover your imperial destiny & majestic power!

Stop Getting Triggered, Feel Secure & Finally Master Healthy, Lasting, Conscious Relationships.