I Bottled The Process To Attract My Dream Partner

I’d been single on & off for over 3 years. I felt so ready to find my forever person, I would have taken a magic potion to attract my dream partner if it was available!

There were so many hit-n-miss almost-relationships. I’d tried what all the dating experts advised but I was just not finding who I was looking for… & it was getting hard to keep dusting myself off to try again.

Now, I am sooo loving being with my new partner! He is everything I dreamed a partner could be. Not only does he meet every one of my standards, he loves me in ways I never even thought possible.

I asked myself why this relationship feels so different from all my others.

What I realised was that whilst I’ve loved many men, it’s with very few I’ve felt such a deep friendship. It’s the combination of fulfilling love, deep friendship & great sex that makes this one feel so special.

I was very clear in my intention when I set out to find a long-term partner last year.

I’d invested in a lot of deep personal work to break the patterns that had previously caused problems in my relationships.

I was clear in who I was, the value I offered another & that I was worthy of finding my dream partner.

I’d cleared out any shadow standards that had been throwing me off my game & got super clear in what my empowered self wanted in a partner.

I wasn’t prepared to settle for anything less.

I turned down lots of amazing people who messaged me. I became laser sharp at recognising if someone had the qualities I was looking for or not. This meant I could focus my time & energy on the few who truly met my standards, rather than exhaust myself following lots of dead-ends.

When Peter messaged me, I knew within 3 messages he was a high-calibre date. Within 2 days, he’d already blown my mind & after 4 weeks I knew I’d found the most special relationship of my life.

I’ve distilled & bottled the formula I used to attract Peter. I’ll be teaching you the exact process in my upcoming programme, Date Your Value.

If you’re ready to finally meet dates that match your standards & create your dream relationship, join my Date Your Value programme — we start February 16th. Comment below or send me a PM for all the details.

Stop Getting Triggered, Feel Secure & Finally Master Healthy, Lasting, Conscious Relationships.