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About Natalie Ford

Natalie coaches highly sensitive women to feel secure, trust themselves & to go out & change the world! She works with clients who are deeply passionate about becoming their best selves & who are driven to bring change in the world by sharing their innate gifts.​ Her coaching offers a fresh, powerful & highly effective approach to shadow work & self empowerment.​ Natalie's genius is her ability to see right to the root of the limiting beliefs, wounds & unhelpful patterns that have held you back & to teach you the tools to set you free. Work with Natalie to learn: - Secure Attachment - Stabilise Your Nervous System (Stop Getting Triggered) - Self Love & Acceptance - Confidence - Trust - Attract Your Ideal Partner - Create A Life You Love Click the link to join her free coaching group: http://bit.ly/nf-fb-group


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