A Tribute To My Amazing Man


9 months have gone so quickly & it now feels so incredibly natural to be sharing my life with this outstanding human.

He is teaching me to love deeper than ever before. To let down my walls & allow him in on levels that have never previously felt safe to be touched (& still terrify parts of me). To trust him, lean on him & allow myself to be loved through to my very core.

For a man who’s never taken a personal development course or had therapy, he has an adept intuitive knowing of how to hold space & be present with emotion. Also how to be truly open & honest in his sharing.

He’s overcome a huge number of challenges through his life & developed some amazing skills.

He’s learned to see beyond the words people use & hear their truest intention. He’s learned to accurately read people’s traits quickly. He’s learned to courageously believe in himself & break through perceived barriers of what he can achieve.

What amazes me the most, is how he’s learned to keep his heart open & approach everyone he meets with warmth, kindness & respect.

I feel profoundly blessed & honoured to share my world with this powerful, intelligent, gentle & caring being.

Tomorrow is exactly 9 months from our first date — after he contacted me through a dating site.

I’d been super clear on my profile as to the standards I was looking for in a partner & a relationship, & also the rich qualities I offered. He says I stood out from the crowd & he immediately knew I was worth contacting.

I’m so grateful he did!